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    Vegan Main Meals Deal incl. Shipping

    Our meals are cooked from scratch.  Our vegan meals are free from egg, honey, fish, dairy, meat, chicken and also free from gluten.  We only use quality oils (typically olive oil and coconut oil, with the occasional sesame oil in Asian style meals or truffle infused oil in some of our mushroom dishes). 

    Our meals are carefully designed by our nutritionist to ensure all our vegan meals contain some plant based protein in every meal either from tofu, beans, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds or gluten free ancient grains like quinoa.

    We cook fresh and chill or freeze meals to limit oxidation of key nutrients and protect against food spoiling pathogens - we do NOT use gassing like many other popular food delivery companies do.  Frozen meals means greater flexibility and less waste for you.  You defrost your meals when you are ready to eat them. Some of the fresh meals e.g. as salads will need to be consumed within 3 or 4 days to maximise freshness.

    We cook a variety of different meals every week and we are always introducing new meals so there is plenty of variety.

    We use recyclable, reusable containers. 

    All meals are our 320g standard size.

    Vegan meals delivered brisbane - cutoff times

    You can also pick-up by prior arrangement on Tuesdays  9.30am-2pm, in St Lucia, Brisbane.

    If you choose to pick-up please let us know what time you will stop by in the customer notes field at checkout.  Pick up must be arranged in advance.

    This is a no nonsense solution for busy people to put nutrient packed meals on their plates for lunch and dinner for 5 days. 


    The 10 meal pack may look a little something like this:

      1. Coriander and mint potato masala (V) (GF)
      2. Lentil amaranth patties with romesco & toasted celery rice (V) (GF)
      3. Ratatouille, french lentils and Wholesome Rice Medley (V) (GF)
      4. Moroccan falafel tagine (V) (GF)
      5. Stir-fry with chickpeas, tofu and rice noodles (V) (GF)
      6. Sweet potato gnocchi with Napolitano sauce and mushrooms (V) (GF)
      7. Vegan Moussaka (V) (GF)  
      8. Mixed Pea and Quinoa Risotto with Green Beans and Pine Nuts (V) (GF)
      9. Vegan Moussaka (V) (GF) 
      10. Mushroom, fennel and wild rice patties with rosemary sweet potato (V) (GF)

      *NB: This is just an example menu, delivery of your order may be different from the above-mentioned meals. 

      View our delicious extras here (opens in new window).  You can add these during checkout.