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      We take care to ensure our products are ethically sourced, locally owned and produced and only the best ingredients are used.

      Wholesomeness provides the most convenient way to eliminate toxins from your diet and home, by supplying organic and locally farmed raw dry-goods and sustainable and ethically sourced personal products.

      Inspired by our own need for a healthier lifestyle, we at Wholesomeness believe the food we eat today should be recognised by our great-grandmothers as actual food! Soaps should be free of hormone disrupting chemical fragrance, face creams should be made of ingredients so natural that you could eat them, and supplements and superfoods are clean and locally produced.

      Wholesomeness health foods the potential to make your life a little less stressful and a lot more healthy. 

      We source the best quality organic health food ingredients and non-toxic home and personal products. Think of us as your one-stop online health food shop.

      We have a great range of organic groceries for the pantry and household ranging from locally sourced organic Australian nuts and dried fruits, muesli blends, pea and rice protein powders and coconut oil, along with a range of ethically sourced herbs, spices, legumes, and snack mixes. We also stock non-toxic brands for the household including organic hair and body care.

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