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    We understand that meals are not what they used to be, whether it’s an active lifestyle, an unexpected (or planned) busy period, illness or just the daily struggle. We don’t always have the luxury of time to prepare our meals or sit around a table and eat them together. However, we still need to eat good food that is nutrient dense and delicious to make sure we all have long and healthy lives.

    Food is not what it used to be either, just take a look around your local supermarket. The manufactured food industry is controlled by big brands and they don’t really care if it makes you sick or not – just whether the shareholders make a profit. That sometimes means substituting real ingredients with unnatural concoctions that can build up in your system, cause allergies, can taste bad and make you reliant (or addicted) to their products. So don’t get us started on preservatives and gassing fresh food to keep it in date longer!

    We firmly believe that food is medicine and that eating delicious whole nourishing organic foods will lead to a healthier you. It is also important to us that it doesn’t cost the earth. Which is why we use locally grown, seasonal produce which is how we can keep our prices as low as possible and to ensure food is at it’s prime when we cook it and deliver to your door.

    We provide the most convenient way to eliminate processed food from your diet, by supplying whole foods cooked to perfection by experienced gourmet chefs who are passionate about good food.

    Years of experience has taught us that nutrition is personal, just like food preferences are.  And while there are many different diets, traditions, cultures and healthy foods there is unlikely to be one perfect diet for all of mankind.  However there are definitely a bunch of sound ideas that we can all embrace.  Here are the ones that experience and Science support.  Eat real food, we believe that it's a good idea to eat food that would be recognised by your great-grandmother as actual food. We also respect that while there is a place for processing (and can in fact be health benefits) like consider the benefits of fermentation (a form of processing) think yoghurt, sauerkraut and activated nuts, we don’t believe in using foods that have been so processed that most of their goodness has been lost.  So we don't use cane sugar in anything. We don't believe that nature makes bad food, so we are not anti carbs or anti fats. In fact we typically try to include both in every meal... And protein is important, but enough is enough.  Even too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. We support Michael Pollan’s point of view that we should all "Eat More Plants".   And as for restrictive diets, they end up in disordered eating, instead we favour the "crowd out" dietary approach: If you eat more of the good stuff, there’s no room left for the bad stuff!

    Prepared Meals Delivery, How does it work?

    If you live in Brisbane you are very lucky, because Wholesomeness has an online menu of delicious nutritionally balanced prepared meals to give you and your family a nutritional diet base to help you get through the week.

    All meals can go from fridge to table in under 10 minutes. Plus there is a selection of cold pressed juices, sweet treats and breakfasts to keep you satiated all day.

    It’s all gluten-free, locally sourced and organic where possible, chef prepared and portioned.

    The focus is on whole foods and there isn’t a preservative in sight.

    We take the work out of meal-prep and once you get a taste for our good food – and the time you get back into your day we know you will want to keep eating the food that makes you feel good.

    • Monday – Meal Deals – delivery or pick-up: Order by Friday midnight, delivered on Monday between 11am to 5pm
    • Tuesday delivery or pick-up: Order by Friday midnight, delivered Tuesday between 11am – 5pm
    • Thursday delivery or pick-up: By Monday midnight, delivered Thursday between 11am – 5pm

    You only ever have to wait a few days for your delivery to arrive – that gives us time to contact suppliers, prep and cook then pack and deliver to you.

    It’s really as simple as:

    1. Peruse the weekly seasonal menu
    2. Choose your meals from the shop and select the number of portions you require –don’t forget to cater for guests!
    3. Review your selection at the online check-out and pay securely via pay-pal, credit card, ApplePay or ZipPay
    4. Wait for your meals to be delivered right to your door!

    If you are looking for a low carb primal/paleo inspired diet, our Fresh Dinner menu is perfect for you. If you want to add Zone Diet blocks or if you workout a lot – simply add some sides i.e. to add more carbohydrates.