Wholesomeness supports and cares for our wonderful customers

Eating healthy can be really difficult in today's society; we are constantly burdened with unhealthy, processed foods in our face each and every day.  We understand that saying no can be tough but in the end, it is worth it! 

We are here to guide and assist you in making it through those challenges, our meals are made with love and will nourish your body to optimum health.  We strive for a healthier society and appreciate your feedback.

Here is what some of our customers say:

 "I'm loving the meals. They've definitely helped as I'm on my own with two kids and was finding myself skipping meals so often and eating a block of chocolate for dinner...I was feeling so guilty about that too given I am breastfeeding.

Having healthy meals ready to go for lunches and dinners means I can grab one whenever I'm home. It has made a huge difference. The meals are great."
 - Jacqui

"I'm a busy mum of two young children so I went in search of a way to be able to spend more time with my kids & husband.  After trying a few different fresh food delivery services I came across Wholesomeness.  I decided to try the service to see if I liked the food.  When I received my first order I realized a few things: 1. The portion sizes of Wholesomeness were perfect for both me & my partner (and bigger than most of the others we had tried). 2. The food was so YUMMY. 3. The service was a great fit for me as I have until Friday night to place my order. 4. I didn't HAVE to be locked in to receive an order every week & 5. The service was about $20 cheaper than most of the others I had tried (including delivery)!

What topped it off for me though was when my youngest breastfed baby was diagnosed with a complete dairy allergy.  This meant I had to be dairy free also. I called the Wholesomeness office to ask if any of the meals were dairy free.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that all of their meals are gluten & dairy free.  In amongst the big learning curve of what does & doesn't have dairy, I was so pleased to know at least one part of my diet didn't need to change.
Wholesomeness is the best!"
- Katrina

"I Just wanted to let you know how much I looked forward to receiving my order today. I am a very busy mature aged lady who was looking for prepared meals that tasted good and were good for me. A tall order I admit. I wanted fresh, healthy, delicious meals with no additives or preservatives, delivered to my door and your meals are exactly that. It’s like having my very own personal chef!
I have Crohns disease and food plays a huge role in how I feel. Since the first week of eating your meals, I have felt great! The menu changes regularly and I order the 12 Main Meal Executive Pack plus a few extra of my favourites.  I highly recommend these meals to anyone looking for healthy, tasty prepared meals."

- Maree 

"I've just ordered my second round of meals from wholesomeness. I couldn't be more impressed with the food and service. They are lovely and always very quick to respond. 

The meals have been amazing! The meals are a good size and very filling I don't feel hungry throughout the day. There were some meals that I was a little skeptical of at first but once I tried them there hasn't been one that I haven't enjoyed. 
I gave up being Paleo last year as working full time with children I found it difficult to prepare the meals for every meal of the day. This is a great alternative and I'm loving living a healthier lifestyle with help from the guys at Wholesomeness. 
I would highly recommend trying their meals."
- Mia

"I was looking to do some type of detox, but still eat whole, nutritious foods and Wholesomeness provided this, with wonderful organic, preservative free, gluten and sugar free meals.  I also knew that to get started I needed some help in the preparation department, as trying to plan and prepare just seemed a bit too much for me at the beginning - and I didn't want to start and then give in because of this. It was great knowing I was eating well and have it there when I needed.  Near the end of the first 2 weeks I started to look into ways I could plan and prepare my own meals....now feeling much clearer and lighter, I had more energy to do this.  So I have really appreciated how the Reset plan has provided me this time to do this and to give me ideas for meals in moving forward.  It is also wonderful to have a place to order healthy ready made meals for some of those days in the week that you need that little extra help!" - Rachel

"I managed to really enjoy my twins 18th birthday celebration thanks to the wonderful catering by Wholesomeness. Lots of patience in helping me to work out the menu for the 100 plus people that came, at a manageable price.  I could really concentrate on party prep and once the party was on I was able to relax with all the food cooked and served by someone else. Everyone was well fed and lots of guests said how much they enjoyed the food. Superb, thanks Wholesomeness."
- Cath
"I love you guys, the food is the freshest in Brisbane.. and I tried them all. I wish you'd hurry up and scale nationally because I live in Sydney now." - Ben

"I am so impressed with both the service and quality of food from Wholesomeness. The food is so fresh and you can tell they select only quality products. The ordering process is simple and having workplace delivery is even better for those busy days when you just don’t get a chance to leave the office!  Thank you to the team at Wholesomeness for providing a simple and tasty service!" - Michelle                                                                                                                                                           
"I was struggling with my health and not feeling the best. I found the Wholesomeness company and saw the reset plan and though it would give it a go. I am happy to say that it wasn't a disappointment. The food was great and easy to reheat and they tasted great. Within a week I was starting to feel better and noticed my body getting back to being healthy and a bonus was that even lost a few kgs and managed to keep the weight down. The service that I received from the company was outstanding. The turn around time for any questions that I had was fast and answered everything. Even better, the food was delivered straight to my door without any issues. I would recommend this plan to anyone who is looking to bring your body back to normal or even just to give your insides a rest. I am definitely going to do it again."  - Nat

"Firstly I'll say I'll miss the deliveries and know where to turn to when I next need support.  So convenient, and has proven to be good value for money.
The food was delicious, you could see and taste the freshness and quality.  I really want to know where you get the potatoes from - I haven't had potatoes that actually tastes like real potatoes since those picked from the river flats of my grandparent's farm inland of Wauchope NSW.  I lost 4kg fluid / inflammation in the first fortnight, and haven't been hungry at any point on the 1200 cal per day and quickly beat the cravings.  Have followed your lead and retaught myself portion control, and balanced food combining.  I've pushed the boundaries a few times and tried sugar or alcohol - body rejects and complains pretty quickly, with noticeable fatigue and inflammation.  Am sure going to miss my wine and G&Ts but know I will be far better off without them!"  - Jess                               


"All the dishes worked really well (and you were right we had some left overs, but not too many!). The pickup was really easy and the presentation in the boxes and packing was really well done.  Everyone raved about the food and wanted to know where we got it from.  Many thanks again and we will certainly be using you again if we ever need more catering." - Allison