Do you know friends or family members that want to do an amazing, quality detox?  Are you already part of the Wholesomeness family and want to help out a local business spread the word? We want to reward our loyal customers by giving $80 cash back for every completed 30-Day Reset Plan! Does your friend or family member only want to do 14 days? That's ok! Get $50 cash straight in your pocket! 

Better Yet, do you know a couple that is trying to get healthy together? If they both complete the plan you receive $100 per couple! 

Know 10 friends that want to do it? That's $1000 in your pocket! 

So why are we doing this?

It's to create an incentive not only for your friend but for you to encourage them on their health journey.  We want to really create a supportive network where friends, family, colleagues and everyone in-between can reach their health goals.  Better yet, if you don't want it to break the budget for your friend they can use zip-pay to help out! Read more about Zip-Pay here

Terms and Conditions:

- Cash back cannot be used with discounts with reset plan order (except couples 15% off if they are having their orders delivered to the same place)

- The referral must complete the 14 or 30-day detox reset plan to receive cash back incentive

- Customers must be based in the Brisbane and selected Gold Coast regions

- Cash Back for first detox plan orders only 

- Wholesomeness can stop this program at anytime with 1 weeks' notice

- Limited time only so let's get going! 

Cash Back Incentives

- $50 for 14-Day Reset Plans

- $100 for 30-Day Reset Plans

- $120 for couples completing 30-Day Reset Plan