Storing your food

All perishable foods are sealed in BPA FREE food safe plastic containers and will last in your fridge set at ≤ 4°C for up to 4 days, and as foods have never been previously frozen – because we are using the freshest locally sourced ingredients – you can freeze your meals as you receive them to keep them a little longer if you like.
Simply take the containers out of the delivery box as soon as you receive it and transfer them to your refrigerator or freezer.
Fresh herbs will not freeze well.

Heating your food


All microwaves will have different time requirements, you will know your microwave best. We generally recommend 2 portions of meat will take 5 minutes on high, stop the microwave at 2.5 minutes and turn the pack over or stir the contents of container.
Let stand for 1 minute before you open the bag or the lid as the steam inside will still be very hot.

Carefully transfer contents to your serving plate.

Stove Top

Simply remove the chilled contents from the container and heat in a regular saucepan (separate pan for each meal component if you wish – may only be suited to some meal types such as tagines and braises) until heated through, approximately 5 minutes.

Plating-up the dish

Most meals come with a fresh component i.e. fresh salsa, herbs or asian greens.
Arrange the dish on your serving plate, add the fresh herbs/ salsa on top or add the steamed veg on the side.

When will I receive my order?

Deliveries are made between 10.00am and 5.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

  • If you want your Box of Goodness delivered on Thursday – place your order between Saturday and Monday midnight (11.59pm), and
  • If you want your Box of Goodness delivered on Tuesday – place your order between Wednesday morning and Friday midnight (11.59pm)

Do I need to be home to receive my order?

No, you don’t, so long as there is a shady place for the driver to leave your sealed EPS box packed with dry ice, it will stay cold and fresh for up to 6 hours. The box was designed for international fresh seafood export. It may be more suitable to receive the delivery at a workplace if you won’t be home until after business hours.

What can I do with the box after I have received my order?

We don’t have a pick-up service for individual boxes just yet. But, you can recycle it by returning to an EPS processing plant – or even better yet re-use it. Why not try making a worm farm or use it to grow seedlings in the garden. Some other uses may be to transport items to a picnic or BBQ. Also handy to keep one in the car for grocery transport. We aim to have a drop-off and return site very soon.

If you collect 5 boxes, please contact us as we will arrange a pick-up from your address. Simply leave the boxes near the gate/front door on the arranged day and we will collect them.