We have a team of nutritionists and naturopath's that can help support you to:


  • Understand yourself from a unique and powerful perspective
  • Learn what your triggers are and build support around moving through them with ease
  • Learn things about yourself that you might not realise are contributing to weight gain, low-energy or sleepless nights
  • Create a simple daily routine so your body can tune to its natural rhythms
  • Develop a personal plan for achieving your goals and overcoming real obstacles
  • Learn how to eat real foods and cook fast, easy, healthy recipes
  • Detox your body and other areas of your life so you sleep better, feel better, and live better
  • Get support from a coach who understands you, cares about you, and can provide you with customised guidance to help you address your unique challenges and keep you on track
  • Connect to joy on a deep level and learn to manifest your dreams
  • Find daily movement you enjoy and can commit to
  • Create stress management tools and learn relaxation techniques

You will be empowered to create lasting wellness free from diets, deprivation or dogma. Soon you’ll be in control of your food instead of your food being in control of you, meeting your goals with ease, discovering exercise you love and living the life you dream of.

My program is personalised especially for you.

With your readiness for change, and my motivational guidance, each session thereafter will take you one, two or three steps closer to achieving those goals.As your Health and Wellness Coach, I’ll be on the sidelines, providing expert recommendations and tips, cheering your every success on. We’ll devise strategies together, as no doubt you already know some of what you should be doing – but it’s the accountability aspect that will get you there.

Sessions can be conducted in person, by phone or via Skype or Facetime – or any combination of these.

Six-month program includes:

  • Discovery session (Health History)
  • 12 x Personalised sessions (45 minutes each)
  • Email support between sessions
  • Healthy recipes to support your goals
  • Gifts designed to inspire, motivate, nourish or nurture you
  • Subscription to fortnightly newsletter with tips, offers and articles
  • Informative handouts to expand upon recommendations
  • Homework that you’ll be happy to do, as you’ll be tracking your progress

My genuine interest in your health and wellness – I schedule a maximum of 10 clients at any one time to ensure I can offer you my full support.

Sessions are every two weeks, giving you the opportunity to implement the action steps you’ve committed to during the session.

While six months is recommended to ensure sustainable lifestyle changes, you may choose to do more or less. Many clients find after their first six-month program they’ve achieved so much more than they ever expected, that they choose to do another round – continuing to raise the bar, to reach their full potential.

Every four weeks (two coaching sessions)             $240
Three months (six coaching sessions)                    $660     ($60 discount)
Six months (twelve coaching sessions)                  $1200   ($240 discount)

If you’d like to request a variation on the above, just let me know. Because it is all about you!