Home-Delivered Meals For The Discerning Health Conscious!  Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Cane Sugar Free, No Nasties, No Nonsense.  Vegan & Low FODMAPS Options Available.

Wholesomeness feeds the discerning. We cater for people who want to nourish their bodies, and love healthy delicious food but just don’t have the time (or inclination) to do it all themselves because their lives are full.

Inspired by our own need for a healthier lifestyle in a fast paced modern world, we at Wholesomeness believe that more than ever we need to embrace the natural and the pure in our eating.

Owned by a nutritionist, foodie and cook, our mission at Wholesomeness is to source fresh quality produce, design nourishing recipes and menus, and cook beautiful delicious food from scratch.

Our food is free from gluten, dairy, cane sugar, iodised table salt, added preservatives, artificial additives like added colours and flavours. And we don’t add gas to our meals like some of the larger brands of home delivered meals do... 


We cook, we package, we chill and we freeze, and we get healthy, nutrient dense, low allergy meals conveniently delivered to your home or workplace ready for YOU to enjoy!

Our Food Safety standards are at the highest level.  We have just recently been audited by the Brisbane City Council and again have been awarded the top 5-star food safety standard.  Our small chef and food-prep team have been fully briefed on best practices for food safety in the current COVID19 environment, and we are proud to be delivering our meals using the benchmark method of blast-chilling and freezing, which we believe to be superior both from a nutritional and food safety point of view, than gassing and vacuum sealing.

Wholesomeness 5 Star Food Safety rating

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We are passionate about eating nourishing, delicious food, and our customers are too. We look forward to feeding you!

We understand that everyone is different, and so are your needs and food preferences, so we have something for just about everyone whether you want gluten free, dairy free, egg free, onion free, chilli free, vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, low fodmap or a combination of the above... we've probably got something on our menu you will love to eat.

And if you've got a family where everyone has a different need or preference, you can cater for everyone without having to cook four or five different meals from scratch!  Please note Easter order cut-off day is Wednesday 8th April at midnight.








Wholesomeness health foods offer the potential to make your life a little less stressful and a lot more healthy.  Delivering to the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions of Queensland.  Click for more information about our delicious vegan home-delivered meals in Brisbane (and Coasts). 









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