Delicious Vegan Meal Delivery - Brisbane (Gourmet Delivered Meals)

All Meals Are Dairy Free
All Meals Are Gluten Free
No Added Can Sugar, Nasty Oils, or
Other Added Preservatives or Fillers
We Cook Meals From Scratch Each Week
Our Ingredients are Nutritionist-
Chosen, High Quality
Made With Love By Chefs Who Are Passionate About Clean Eating

Broad Beans Beetroot Quinoa Vegan Meals Home Delivery Brisbane

Yummy Vegan Meals Delivered to Your Home!

All our meals are cooked with love from scratch. Our vegan meals are free from egg, honey, fish, dairy, meat, chicken and also free from gluten. We only use quality oils (typically olive oil and coconut oil, with the occasional sesame oil in Asian style meals or truffle infused oil in some of our mushroom dishes).  

Our meals are professionally and carefully designed by Lisa Cutforth our nutritionist and owner, to ensure some plant based protein is contained in every one of our vegan meals either from tofu, beans, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds or gluten free ancient grains like quinoa.

We cook fresh and chill or freeze meals to limit oxidation of key nutrients and protect against food spoiling pathogens,without resorting to the use of un-natural "gassing" to prolong shelf life (like some well-known brands do).

Frozen meals mean greater flexibility and less waste for you. You defrost your meals when you are ready to eat them. Some of the meals in your carton will not be frozen and should be stored in your Fridge and consumed within 3 or 4 days to maximise freshness.

"Words can't express how wonderful Wholesomeness are with their delicious, healthy meals and superior customer service. Astrid and the the team go above and beyond to ensure my dietary requirements are met. The meals are absolutely tasty and satisfying. Thank you very much for being such a caring company who genuinely put customers' needs first."

Anushka Goonetilleke

April, 2019

"My husband and I are very happy with the meals. They are tasty, well balanced and surprisingly filling. As vegetarians we used to be concerned that we might not be getting all the nutrients we need. We no longer have to worry about that. We love the wide variety of meals, enjoying something different every day."

Zenia Tatcheva


"The great thing about these meals, apart from being healthy, tasty and helping you lose weight gently, is they very non-judgementally allow you to let go of food and drinks that are just not good for you. After a while of putting good, nutritious food into your body, you will find yourself just *not* having the cravings for chips, Coke etc. like you once did. And you can always indulge in a great dessert or meal once in a while and feel good whilst treating your body to the healthy meals the rest of the time. This overall is what the meals have given me. Thank you team!"

Mal O'Brien

15 SEP 2018

Gallery of Vegan Meals

Example Vegan Meals Your Weekly Selection May Include

Amaranth and Lentil patties with Romesco and Celery Rice

Amaranth and lentil patties with chilli Jam and Spanish Rice

Bean Chakalaka and Polenta Bean Medley Stuffed Capsicum with Napolitana Sauce

Curried Pumpkin and Tofu Bites with Aloo Matar   (peas, cashew and potato curry)

Chickpea, tomato and spinach curry with cardamon rice and raita

Eggplant and Chickpea Tagine with lemon, almond quinoa and peas

Fava beans with Paprika and spinach salsa, and lemon gremolata rice

Herbed pinenut and cranberry quinoa, with beetroot hummus, broadbeans & Kale

Mexican beans with polenta and salsa

Beans and cashews with hoisin sauce

Mushroom, Spinach and Truffle Risotto with Broccoli and Pepitas

Mushroom Stroganoff with Rice and Green Beans

New Orleans gumbo with corn fritters

Quinoa, olive and split pea stuffed capsicum with napolitana sauce

Tofu and Pineapple Massaman Curry with Roast pumpkin and Brown Rice

Tomato Quisotto with sunflower pesto, spinach and pinenuts

Vegan Cottage Pie

Vegan gnocchi with Napolitana, crispy mushrooms and spinach

Vegan moussaka

Vegetable biryani with dhal and apricot chutney

Caramelised carrot risotto low fodmaps

Almond and herb crusted tofu

Mixed pea and leek quinoa risotto

Nut roast with pumpkin, beans and savoury jus

Red lentil kofte with turkish stew

Singapore noodles with char sui tofu

Toasted chickpeas and apricot with spicy pistachio quinoa

Vegan mushroom stroganoff with rice and green beans

Walnut and Fennel Frittata/Pie/Savoury Tart with mixed green beans

White beans with paprika and spinach salsa, and lemon gremolata rice

Middle eastern spiced pumpkin, sumac and coriander quinoa and pepita dukkah

Olive and Lentil stuffed capsicum with Neapolitana sauce

Roast Fennel with Chickpea skordalia, grilled zucchini, cherry tomatoes and mixed rice