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    3 Simple Ways to Achieve Your Health Goals This Year

    3 Simple Ways to Achieve Your Health Goals This Year 

    The truth is that it is hard to keep goals! Especially when they are vague, too grand or not time appropriate.

    Stay focused and on track for optimum wellness with these three strategies for keeping and achieving your goals this year. They may be a little different to the strategies you usually hear about, but they are equally as important

    1. A good social support network

    Feeling like your part of a community or having a sense of belonging impacts greatly on your emotions and mental health, by reducing stress and feelings of seclusion. After all, who wants to do hard work in isolation? It is incredibly difficult…we all need advice, help, a different perspective, resources and guidance to help us stay on the right path. A social network might include friends, family, peers, co-workers, mentors, even a health professional who supports you…anyone who adds value to your life.

    2. Stop comparing your results and accomplishments with that of others

    If we all had the same accomplishments, it would be a very boring world! Celebrate your uniqueness and be proud of your achievements – as the most important person in your life is YOU.

    Live by this quote: “Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.” ~ Anonymous.

    3. Document your goals and progress

    This is helpful so that you can revisit and reassess them – visualising our goals often and seeing them written down can do wonders, as it makes them seem more real and tangible. Placing your written goals in areas where you can visualise them every day is greatly helpful as well – on your desk, computer, in your bathroom, on the fridge, as a constant reminder of what you are going to achieve.