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    Self Regulation- why it's crucial in today's world

    As a nutritionist specialising in addiction and behaviour change, if I were to put on finger on one little thing everyone could do to get through their day better,"wholer" (feeling more whole and less torn apart), it would be practicing the art of "self regulation".

    Self regulation is the fine art of tuning in and giving yourself a moment to regulate and unwind or de-stress. It's like pushing a reset button on your brain and noticing: "Hey, I'm alive, that was unpleasant, though I'm going to be ok, and once I take a moment to regroup I will be able to get myself through this."

    It's common knowledge stress is at the centre of a lot of disease, discomfort or disillusionment, and most of us are acutely aware of a barrage or daily hassles and stressors that knock us off our path or get in the way of our best intentions. 

    There are many consequences to stress, physiologically and neurologically.  There are cognitive, emotional, psychological, behavioural and relationship consequences associated with a stressed brain.  Stress changes the way we interact with the world, see the world and ourselves and the way we make decisions.

    Yet very few people create the time throughout their day to reset themselves after feeling stressed, and like a silent assassin it creeps up on us in the most disturbing way.

    How do we self regulate? 

    Take a moment.

    Now before you say "mindfulness", it is, and it isn't. While mindfulness is one way to calm yourself, for anyone who is truly in the throws of a stress melt down, they will not be able to go there easily without self regulating first. 

    Self regulation:

    1. Stop, take a deep breath in, count to 4, exhale for 6 and then check in. 

    2. Ask yourself "How am I feeling?" Then lable a feeling.

    3. Acknowledge the feeling. "Yip, for who I am and what's going on right now, I can understand why I am having this feeling."

    Why it works: When you are stressed, your limbic system (emotional centre of your brain and information filter) is flagging that you are under threat.  We are emotional beings, that's the way we are wired, but when we feeling stressed or threatened and emotion is high, logic is low.  When you are stressed or under a "limbic hijack" it makes it really difficult to access or use your pre-frontal cortex for decisions.  You start thinking with a different part of your brain, instead, autopilot and quick decisions concerned with saving your life or trying to change how you feel (changing state) are the primary motive.  The act of "labelling" sends attention and resources to your pre-frontal cortex, the "thinking reasonable rational" part of your brain best at making good decisions.  This basically allows you to get perspective, and "think again".

    Once you've taken a quick brain break, you have gained a moment to compose yourself and consider your next move or move on.

    It's a good idea to practice "self regulation" often.

    Stay tuned for more neuroscience tips...

    Fresh Start

    lisa cutforth| nutritionist | healthyr.com.au |wholesomeness.com.au

    A special shout out to Wholesomeness loyal followers, former customers and former suppliers.

    I am the new owner of "Wholesomeness" -the brand.

    My name is Lisa Cutforth, and I am a Brisbane based nutritionist.  I have been practicing for the past 12 years, and run a number of health based product and service businesses.

    I am really excited to be taking over the running of the brand Wholesomeness and serving you and growing our health community.  

    Since we took over the brand at the end of May I have been inundated with facebook messages and emails asking me three key questions and I would like to start by answering those.

    1. When will you be back to delivering meals?

    We are really close!  We have new premises, and an amazing cook.  We are developing a new range of amazing wholesome recipes for you.  We hope to be serving you at least by the new year.  In the mean time, if you are looking for meals that share many of the Wholesomeness philosophies please check out our sister companies: http://www.healthymealstoyourdoor.com.au and http://www.fitfoodsclub.com.au and you can get ordering today!

    2. Are you doing Christmas Catering?

    Yes we are. We have been servicing some of Wholesomeness's existing or former clients who have asked us to do catering for them.  Please send us an email if you need a Christmas party catered or you were hoping to order a Christmas feast and we will send through the information and availability.

    3. What if I need to get in touch with the previous owner?

    I took over the brand Wholesomeness in June 2017.  If you need to contact the previous owner please email ben.limmer@gmail.com.

    If you were a previous customer and you love Wholesomeness we would like to offer you a $50 voucher to use on your next purchase.  Please use the coupon code: freshstart50

    If you were a previous supplier, we would love to offer you future business, please be in touch.

    We look forward to serving you Wholesomenessly!  Here's to a Fresh Start!

    5 Steps to Achieve Your Health Goals

    The New Year is officially here, the festive season binging has now come to an end… and it’s time to awaken the inner warrior, be empowered and confident with your lifestyle choices.

    Let’s face it; eating healthy is just downright hard to do these days. We have fast food at every glance, conveniently located and we tend to forget just how bad highly processed food is for our bodies. If you want to reach your weight loss goals or just continue on the healthy straight and narrow, these are some great everyday tips to incorporate into your daily routine.

    Step 1: Give yourself some motivational encouragement! Set reminders in your phone, write things on your mirror, change your screensaver to something that gets you pumped, maybe even change your morning alarm tone! Don’t underestimate the power of your mind.

     Step 2: Time to do a clean out, get rid of your rubbish food so it isn’t staring at you in the face saying ‘EAT ME… EAT ME NOW’. These are generally your trigger foods after a long hard day and you’ve just lost all interest in cooking or making good decisions.

    Step 3: PREP. YOUR. MEALS. If you haven’t been doing this, chances are you are going to get super busy, tired and hangry… leading to again, regretful choices. Make the most of our super healthy, freshly prepared meals.

    Step 4: Plan your snacks. Snacks are a killer when it comes to weight management. Check out our 7 healthy snack ideas to help improve mood and productivity!

    Step 5: Squeeze in somewhere each day to get your 30 minutes of exercise. Whether it’s a brisk walk after dinner, an intense gym sesh or calming light stretches, just do it! No excuses! This is your time to appreciate yourself. It’s worth every single minute.

                             [image] retrieved from: http://www.theearthdiet.org/uploads/3/4/8/4/3484401/__7818460_orig.jpg

    Success tips: 

    • Waking up and doing exercise on an empty stomach or a small light snack such a banana or some nuts can improve weight loss. Try high interval training to increase your mitochondria (the bodies energy powerhouse). 
    • Drink a glass of lemon water upon waking, this stimulates your digestive organs producing bile, digestive enzymes and getting things moving.
    • Try to avoid eating after 7 pm, this should be your time of healing not digesting, a 10 – 12 hour nightly fast is excellent for metabolic processes.
    • Don’t starve yourself. Your body actually goes into starvation mode and starts storing your energy into fats as a protective mechanism.
    • Drink your 2L of water. A given I know, however, your body can confuse being hungry with being thirsty. Find it hard to drink so much? Why not diffuse it with fruit or make some iced herbal tea – delicious!
    • Green tea increases your digestive system functionality, increases detoxification processes and when iced is perfect on a hot summer’s day!
    • Don’t eat bland food. Add fresh herbs and spices to your dishes so your taste buds are satisfied! Eating healthy is actually really delicious.
    • Set realistic goals. This is really important, as you don’t want to feel like a failure and give up completely; small weekly goals based on changes instead of weight are a great start.
    • Invest in a health coach, it can be a great way to really succeed and have consistent support on your health journey.  Talk to our nutrition or naturapath to personalise a program just for you! 
    • Remember you may have some setbacks, that’s okay! Get right back up again and figure out what your main triggers are. Take note and put practices in place to avoid that temptation.
    • Live your life! Don’t forget to live, don’t drown yourself in saying no to everything… life is just too short to appreciate the good things, just do it in small doses. Sooner than later the positive changes you’ve made become a habit and you’ll find you won’t want it anyway. 

    The main thing is to change your perspective and frame of mind when it comes to diet and lifestyle. Believe that you can and you really will. You can achieve results, you can be confident and you can succeed.  Be honest with yourself and accept that changing habits doesn’t happen overnight but it sure doesn’t take as long as you think once you truly commit. It’s one of the toughest, most challenging yet rewarding experiences. You can do it!

                                          [image] retrieved from:  http://quotesmag.tumblr.com/page/8 

    Want some guidance? Talk to our experienced nutritionists here or why not look at our life changing detox plans.


    Top 7 Summer Smoothie Ideas

    Your key guide to mastering the art of the perfect smoothie!

    Want a totally epic smoothie that will actually satisfy your taste buds & your cravings so you don’t go & inhale that piece of cake for morning tea snack. Here are some great tips on how to make your smoothies as nutritious as possible.

    The basics - What you need to source to incorporate the ultimate nourishment:

    • Healthy fats high in omega-3
    • Protein (try our raw Amazonia protein powder – it’s seriously amazing!) or mix it up with some nuts
    • Raw, fresh or self-frozen fruit or vegetables

    Healthy Fats:

    • Coconut oil or milk
    • Nuts
    • Avocado
    • Ground Flaxseeds or flaxseed oil
    • Almond or cashew butter
    • Pre-soaked chia seeds
    • Maca powder
    • Blend 11 mix


    • A well-sourced protein powder can work wonders!
    • Activated nuts
    • Tahini
    • Pumpkin seeds
    • Oats


    Fruit & Vege:

    Hint: We love pre-freezing fresh fruit or vege to make the smoothie extra refreshing! Keep the produce seasonal to avoid extra pesticide use or carbon footprint.

    • Banana
    • Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or mulberries
    • Mango
    • Cucumber
    • Spinach
    • Kale
    • Acai berry
    • Apple
    • Citrus
    • Basically most fruits will work, mix it up & go with what you have!


    Get an extra boost of nutrients: 

    Add a scoop of your fave superfood to make your smoothie even more powerful! Try these: 

    • Raw cacao powder
    • Bee pollen
    • Aloe-vera juice
    • Spirulina
    • Acai
    • Try our amazing Pondwater! It is epic & will have you feeling better than you can imagine! All your super-greens in one hit. 

    Maybe even add in some medicinal herbs too: 

    • Cinnamon: excellent for insulin sensitivity, diabetes & reducing blood glucose levels
    • Astragalus membranaceous: feeling a little overwhelmed or anxious? This is the herb for you! Also great for immune system functionality.
    • Maca: The ultimate herb in nourishing your endocrine (hormone) system.
    • Rhodiola: A leading herb in nourishing & providing vitality
    • Green tea powder: high in antioxidant & a perfect pick-me-up alternative to coffee
    • Peppermint: Excellent for digestion
    • Ginger: A beautiful herb for circulation & cleansing
    • There are so many great ones, try them all!

    Extra hints & tips:

    • Freeze fresh fruit into ice cubes to add in
    • Made too much from your previous smoothie mix? Make them into ice blocks!
    • Pre-made some iced tea? Why not add it into your smoothie!
    • Try to keep your produce & supplements organic to ensure they are well absorbed by the body


    Wholesomeness on-the-go favourite recipes:

    Choc Almond Decadence:

    • 1 banana (frozen)
    • ¼ cup, activated almonds
    • 2 scoops of raw Amazonian Slim & Tone protein powder
    • 450ml of almond milk
    • 1 ½ heaped teaspoons of raw cacao powder

    The Ultimate Big Green Booster!

    • ½ cup of cucumber
    • 3 – 4 pitted dates
    • Handful of spinach leaves
    • Handful of kale
    • 1 scoop of avocado (frozen)
    • Couple of ice cubes
    • 2 scoops of raw slim & tone Amazonian protein powder
    • 450ml of coconut water

    What’s your favourite smoothie? We want to hear from you! Share & inspire others.