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    News — lunchideas

    Nutritious and Fun School Lunchbox Ideas

    How to pack a healthy school lunch box: Cheat sheet

    Start the new year with healthy school lunches to keep your children (or you!) energised all day long

    Secrets of a Nutritious Balanced Lunchbox:

    • Unprocessed carbohydrates for energy, vitamins, minerals and fibre
    • Protein for brain power and to fill them up between meals
    • Fruit and vegetables (essential!)
    • Water to keep them hydrated


    Choose 2 (add fruit or veg daily as one of the options - think quick and easy to eat)

    • Fresh fruit (chopped or peeled or easy to eat, that doesn’t bruise easily e.g. grapes, strawberries, peeled mandarin, small apple, watermelon slices, blue berries)
    • Rice crackers and hummus or other dip
    • Cheese and crackers
    • Snack container of baked beans with a fork
    • Popcorn
    • Corn on the cob
    • Yoghurt
    • Cheese wedge
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Baby cucumber
    • Boiled egg - peeled
    • Falafels
    • Meatballs and tomato sauce
    • Biltong


    Main lunch:

    Think protein and healthy carbs

    Choose 1 different option every day to prevent a monotonous diet and to ensure the rotation of grains

    • Pesto pasta with nut free pesto and gluten free pasta (remember to pack a fork!)
    • Sushi
    • Hummus and salad wrap
    • Chicken drumsticks and veggie sticks (carrot, cucumber, celery, capsicum, broccoli) and dipping sauce (pesto or tomato sauce or mayo)
    • Tuna pasta (tuna, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, pasta) - remember the fork!
    • Rice and bean salad
    • Ham and cucumber sandwich (rye bread)
    • Macaroni cheese – remember the fork!
    • Quiche or frittata
    • Turkey wrap
    • Healthy nachos - Corn chips, refried beans dip, guacamole dip and salsa
    • Pizza roll
    • Zucchini slice
    • Spaghetti bolognaise
    • Egg, mayo and lettuce sandwich



    Think small (you want them to be hungry enough to fill up on the nourishing food)

    • Bag of crisps
    • Fruit juice
    • Chocolate
    • Natural confectionary snake lolly
    • Biscuit
    • Muffin
    • Cupcake
    • Piece of cake
    • Banana bread
    • Muesli bar
    • Home baked slice



    Allergies: Most schools have a no nut policy, but if your school doesn't of course nuts make a great snack and peanut butter sandwiches are always popular too!